View-through app install ads represent just 4% on Facebook

Anne Freier | November 15, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Ad automisation firm Nanigans has recently accumulated its client data to find out more about Facebook app advertising attribution. It has now made the results available to help clients make more informed choices on the advertising formats they choose for their mobile campaigns.
Nanigans examined the install activity of mobile app install ads across its network to separate installs by clicks versus those by view.
According to the results, view only install ads represented just 4% of its advertiser base. Most of the company’s clients have chose click-through app install ads on Facebook
Nanigan clients choose click-through installs
Screen shot 2016-11-15 at 6.56.51 AM
In addition, the company looked at mobile users and how long it would take them to download an app after seeing a view only ad. It analysed the timestamps of the ad view and download on a same-user basis and found that if a user doesn’t click, but instead plans to install an app, they do so quickly.
39% of view only installs came less than one hour after seeing a Facebook ad and then dropped rapidly to 4% after three hours.
Facebook app installs
Screen shot 2016-11-15 at 6.56.57 AM
Though view only install ads aren’t being chosen all too often, Nanigans recommends that understanding them will help marketers in optimising their ad effectiveness.
Facebook launched view-through attribution in September in order to allow developers to measure the true ROI of their app ads.

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