Video posts on Instagram attract highest interaction rate

Anne Freier

In Influencer, Mobile Advertising. December 3, 2018

Video posts on Instagram see up to 21.2% more interactions than other media types according to an analysis of Instagram profiles between January and September 2018 by Quintly.

Carousels received 2.2% more interactions than images, but paled in comparison to videos.

Interestingly, profiles with more followers seem to understand this trend with bigger profiles using significantly more videos in their posts (27%) compared to smaller profiles (9%).

Social media influencers tend to use carousel formats more often than other Instagrammer user groups.

Overall, the majority (72.6%) of Instagram posts are images compared to 16.7% of videos.

The research also highlights that a third of profiles (31.7%) are now using posts with more than 300 characters, followed by those between 150-300 characters (30%).

However, among profiles with large follower numbers posts that had zero descriptions performed best in terms of interaction. Among smaller profiles, those between 1-50 characters outperformed posts with longer character lengths.

Interestingly, a similar trend was observed for hashtags, profiles with up to 10 million users saw more interaction on posts without hashtags, whilst profiles with over 10 million users noted higher engagement rates at over 10 hashtags.

Emojis are often seen as a great way to engage users and the same is true on Instagram with 1-3 emojis showing the highest engagement rates. It comes as a surprise then that 54.9% of Instagram posts did not have any emojis.

Lastly, the findings confirm a trend that has been observed before: interactions with Instagram posts are higher on weekends – 22.3% to be exact.