Video is a preferred app install advertising format for majority of developers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. December 15, 2017

Video continues to be a top choice for app install marketers and now accounts for 57% of all related expenditure, according to AdColony’s latest App Install Marketing Survey.

Based on the responses of 100 grossing app developers, the report found that more ad budgets are now being allocated toward video formats, followed by display ads, playable and native ads. Cross promotions and free app networks or offer walls are accounting for just 2% (each) of app install budget allocation.

Out of home, print and radio user acquisition campaigns have largely fallen out of favour.
The report also noted that app install teams are now busier than ever, with many advertisers localizing for six languages and optimizing their campaigns at least five times per week.

The top app install formats according to usage are dominated by full-screen and social video, followed by interstitial display, banner display and social display ads.

It’s not surprising then that budgets are being allocated accordingly with full-screen video receiving the lion share of budgets.
Similarly, marketers also consider video to be the most effective app install format.
Budget increases in playable ads are driven by their effectiveness as well as usage and general excitement about the format.

Among the top concerns for marketers are user quality as well as level of service. Although targeting continues to be important, it is becoming less of a concern for many advertisers.

Interestingly, advertisers from North America consider in-app purchases to still be better indicators of high quality users, whilst EMEA and APAC region marketers are considering retention to be the leading quality factor.

Look-alike-modelling is now considered to be more effective in finding quality users compared to retargeting.