Video and native ads to dominate mobile advertising in 2016

According to new research from media company, Trusted Media Brands, video and native ads on mobile are generally viewed as less intrusive compared to banner ads. Responding clients and agency executives said that video and native ads generated greater brand awareness and engagement and offered a better user experience. 44% found native ads to be less intrusive.
Benefits of mobile native ads formats
trusted media brands
Similarly, mobile video ads were most strongly perceived to increase brand awareness (47%) and stimulate better engagement with target audiences (34%). Both, native and video formats are providing a more authentic brand voice.
Benefits of mobile video ad formats
trusted media brands
Rich Sutton, Chief Revenue Officer, Trusted Media Brands, explains:
rich sutton

“Our survey showed that native gets high marks for giving the message an authentic brand voice and imparting a superior user experience, while the increased brand awareness and engagement of video are considered a top benefit for both marketers and agencies. With video on mobile commanding better CPMs than desktop for many publishers and native CPMs four to five times that of banner monetization, the advantages for these two formats are clear.”

Whilst a majority of marketers (63%) currently employ display banner ads in mobile, only 45% expect to do so in 2016. Display and interstitial video formats are to grow to 37%. Almost half of respondents plan to use pre and mid roll video ads this year, confirming the growing trend towards mobile video.
Mobile ad formats – current and planned usage
Overall, 62% of those surveyed agreed that mobile phones should have ads.

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