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Posted: March 11, 2016

This February Adcash have expanded its product lineup by launching video ads solution. As of today it’s in beta, but the company has ambitious plans to roll it out in a big way in coming months. The chosen format for video ads is in-stream, which allows Adcash advertisers to play their videos ads before, during and after the main video feature. Currently the company is working with a number of partners to build a list of quality video advertisers and publishers for the solution to go out of beta and the list will continue to grow.
Guillaume Fevrier, Head of Ad Operations at Adcash said:

“We built Adcash Video Ads because we recognised that this area of the online advertising industry has awesome potential for our customers. We’re incredibly excited to be taking our first step in this new frontier of online marketing.”

On today’s advertising landscape, as a medium, video presents the most efficient way to deliver ad message. According to the recent study, watching videos on YouTube is one of the top 5 activities app users have with their smartphones and tablets. Last year Facebook shared the numbers for video daily views and the number was staggering – 4 billion daily views video content was getting on Facebook and this number continues to grow. In this environment, people become more and more accustom to watching videos and a big part of it is happening on the go.  According to the recent State of Connectivity 2015: A Report on Global Internet Access report, 78% of a world population is covered by mobile broadband networks, this year the total number of smartphones have passed 2 billion. With that tremendous level of a smartphone adoption, 3G and 4G connection availability, mobile data plans affordability, exponential video consumption growth comes a little surprise.
Adcash is on a mission to provide tools for its customers to succeed at video advertising. Unlike other players of the online advertising market, the company decided to launch video ads solution as a part of its existing Self-Service advertiser platform and not as a standalone tool. This approach brings advertiser a benefit of having all assets in one place – display campaigns, pop, video, in-app ads and so forth.
The digital video advertising market continues to grow, with no signs to diminish anytime soon. In this environment, Adcash Video Ads solution is the right tool for publishers to take advantage of it in a really big way.
To learn more about Adcash Video Ads visit Adcash website!

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