Video ads bring in 31% of app revenue, while rewarded video ads top user experience approval charts

Video ads return the most revenue in mobile apps, and rewarded video ads deliver the best user experience, says AdColony in its latest report.

The company writes:

“Mobile publishers rely on ad integrations to supply a majority of their revenue. However, in order for that monetization to be effective, the impact on the user experience must be considered. To this end, rewarded video ad integrations provide the most positive ad experience for mobile users, and that positivity translates to revenue as well.”

Advertising generates 55% of revenue for app publishers, with 31% coming from video ads. In games, 31% of revenue comes from video ads, while it makes 36% in non-gaming apps. AdColony asked publishers what they considered the most effective form of mobile app monetization was, and 75% called rewarded ads, “highly effective.”

AdColony finds rewarded ads top user experience charts

When asked to rank ad options by user experience, rewarded video ads came top with 87%, followed by native and interstitial ads with 32% each.

AdColony concludes:

“There is simply no comparison: an overwhelming majority of top mobile publishers feel that rewarded video ads provide a positive impact on the user experience that is simply not matched by any other ad monetization method.”

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