Vicinity Media adds new partners to expand mobile publisher network

vicinity media
Mobile advertising network, Vicinity Media, just announced the addition of BizNews, TVSA, Career, Skills and Jobs Portal as well as radio stations Algoa FM, OFM and Visi to its premium publisher network. This rounds out the number of partners on the network to over 30 now.
Vicinity location mobile campaign case study

The company currently delivers 60m location-relevant banners each month.
Vicinity provides demographic location targeting for mobile ad campaigns, as well as pre-optimisation based on audience location and even street location and weather tagging features.
Ollie Bryant, Founder of online catalogue, Guzzle, says:
oliver bryant

“Having actively optimised passive ad revenue for some time, Guzzle was already achieving great revenues as a publisher. But Vicinity knocked things out the water with CPMs that far exceeded anything possible with Adsense and other AdExchanges. This means far higher revenues, and based on their location tech and skillset, more relevant ads for users.”

The company added that another 10 publishers were already testing its network.

Naeem Imam, National Online Sales Manager at Times Media, added:

“Vicinity have become our most valued mobile partner for two reasons: firstly, they generate a healthy monthly revenue across our platforms, and as importantly our audience is highly responsive to their location targeting, it is advertising, that judging by the analytics, the audience finds useful and relevant.”

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