Vibes rolls out WalletAds to allow marketers to engage with consumers through their mobile wallets

Anne Freier | February 23, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Mobile marketing tech provider, Vibes, just launched WalletAds, its new mobile ad technology that lets advertisers integrate a two-tap solution as part of their ads for consumers to quickly save branded content or special offers to their mobile wallets.
WalletAds has been established with a solid ecosystem of partners, agencies and brand advertisers including Honda, Adidas, Petco, HP, Dairy Queen, FedEx Office, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Firestone and more.
According to the recently published Vibes 2016 Mobile Consumer Reporthalf of consumers prefer to be directed to a mobile coupon page as opposed to a mobile commerce or app download page. 32% of mobile users are currently using mobile wallets such as Apple Wallet or Android Pay.
94% of mobile wallet users are likely to save personalised offers and coupons
WalletAds now lets mobile marketers capitalise on these consumer requests.
Brian Bradtke, VP of Mobile wallet advertising, Vibes, explains;
brian bradtke

“WalletAds solves several key problems for advertisers: First, we allow them to close the loop on their campaigns and connect their paid media with real-life purchases in a way that is seamless and trackable; second, saved WalletAds become a living ad unit in the mobile wallet that can be updated over time with new offers, content and reminders to extend the brand’s engagement with the consumer. WalletAds is resonating with some of the biggest agencies, platforms and brand advertisers around – and we’re already seeing more budget being allocated and larger campaigns being run. Vibes is consistently seeing engagement metrics that are 2-4 times better than comparable ad experiences.”

WalletAds features CRM functionality, triggering location-based reminders or updates to re-engage consumers. This offers a distinct advantage for marketers even after a campaign has ended.
Kimberly Smith, General Manager Mobile, Flashtalking, which ran a campaign for Honda using WalletAds, says:
kim smith

“Traditionally, marketing plans have been designed around the assumption: ‘bigger purchases, bigger devices’. But with WalletAds, we helped Honda successfully flip that theory. By leveraging WalletAds, Honda has continued its conversation with targeted audiences well beyond the initial ad impression and into the dealership. Honda offered $500 off the lease or purchase of a new vehicle and has successfully turned these mobile-savvy audiences into new car customers. We are thrilled to see such a success story for Honda and continue to emphasize the power of WalletAds with our customers.”

Rachel Pasqua, Practice lead, connected life and mobility, MEC Global, North America, confirms that the save-to-wallet function is what makes WalletAds unique, bypassing the need for a mobile app. Regardless of how an app performs, brands can connect consumers through their mobile wallet. She adds:
rachel pasqua

“However, it is an equally compelling proposition for brands that have thriving mobile apps as well. A brand’s native app is used by the most loyal customers – the real brand enthusiasts – but they can’t help you reach the much larger ecosystem of new and prospective customers. That’s where the save-to-wallet call to action in a mobile ad comes in, enabling brands to extend offers, incentives and other hyperlocal information to this new audience you could never reach through your app.”

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