Viamedia launches advanced cross-platform ad solution to target mobile users more effectively

Anne Freier | September 16, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Viamedia, the New York-based independent cable TV advertising management firm, has just launched an advanced mobile ad tool. AdMessenger Tap-To-Expand is a cross-platform solution to reach viewers across a variety of screens including mobile devices.
Viamedia launches new cross-platform solution 
The AdMessenger Tap-to-Expand tool has been created to engage consumers via geo-targeted, offer-specific, custom-scrolling text messages that are delivered across thousands of mobile sites and apps. Mobile users can just tap on an ad or an offer to view the full screen interactive advert.
Mark Lieberman, Viamedia President & CEO, Viamedia says:

“We’ve made significant investments in our product suite to ensure the most robust video advertising and advanced solutions are available across every screen for local advertisers and the communities they serve. This includes our popular AdMessenger scrolling text product we have been offering over the past year with the enhanced Tap to Expand feature now available.”

The company says it continues to update its platform with relevant additions for more client choice in cross-screen advertising. Viamedia already provides cable TV ads and programmatic TV ads.
Additional multi-platform solutions include a programmatic linear TV advert buying tool for national and cable networks via the company’s placemedia division. This enables an automated, supply-side and data-driven programmatic ad-sales experiences that connects agencies with demand side providers for premium inventory from cable networks and MVPDs. The platform ingests over 30bn impressions each month in over 100m TV households.
Addressable advertising across selected markets is another feature as well as new audience targeting methods. The Viamedia Online Services (VOS) is an online and mobile extension of the company’s local cable TV ad sales service and lets marketers target audiences based on database configurations to deliver multi-screen ad units, including pre-roll video, banner displays and mobile.
According to Viamedia research, 71% of its advertisers have previously used online buys in addition to their local cable TV purchases. Another 80% have or have thought about using mobile to complement cable ads.
Lieberman adds:

“In the US, the typical multi-screen user consumes nearly 7 ½ hours of video a day. This includes 151 minutes on their Smartphones, 147 minutes watching TV and another 43 minutes a day on their tablets. When talking to our customers, we found a common need to reach consumers on every screen, and we’ve developed a product suite specifically focused on reaching today’s multi-screen consumers.”

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