Viacom expands deal with Snapchat to tell stories on mobile

Anne Freier | February 12, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Media company Viacom recently announced an expansion of its advertising deal with messaging app Snapchat to help its clients reach a larger millennial and post-millennial audience. The deal enables Viacom to sell ads on Snapchat to be published across the app’s content sections, such as Live Stories and Discover.
Snapchat Discover
In addition, the company said it plans to invest in the creation of new channels for Snapchat Discover, which builds on its existing plans to roll out original video content. Specifically, MTV and Comedy Central will both be getting US and international Discover channels respectively.
Philip O’Ferrall, SVP Velocity International, Viacom International Media Networks, says:
Screen shot 2016-02-12 at 8.53.29 AM

“We as an organization continue to strike relationships with these third party platforms, which we think fit well. Linear TV channels for the most part are distributed among a few partners like Sky, and Liberty Media, the list is long. Our viewers are on all the platforms – linear TV and digital – and they use them every day. Every time one of these platforms launches it adds to our reach and allows us to create revenue. Honestly, I’m really excited by this space. Instead of treating it like a threat it’s absolutely a great extension to our business.”

The partnership enables Snapchat to accelerate the growth of its ad business, which has been struggling to win over a significant number of advertisers recently due to a lack of ad analysis tools. Viacom will allow TV ad buyers to publish their creative content across a variety of digital properties in addition to TV channels.
Imran Khan, Chief Strategy Officer, Snapchat, adds:

“Snapchat provides the best storytelling experience on mobile. Through this partnership with Viacom, we can now offer television advertisers a way to tell their stories across television and mobile in a frictionless way.”

Viacom said that it will be providing additional targeting and measurement tools such as Viacom Vantage and Echo to its advertisers choosing to opt-in for Snapchat ads.
Given the high number of videos watched on Snapchat each day – 7bn mobile clip views per day – the partnership is likely to yield some positive results for Viacom clients.

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