Verve partners with HERE to tackle location contextual data

Anne Freier

In Influencer. January 10, 2019

Verve, the mobile platform for location-driven programmatic video and display, has just partnered with mapping service HERE Technologies to expand its mobile display ad units and access the digital out-of-home (OOH) market.

The combination of Verve’s ad technologies coupled with HERE’s location intelligence should address the demands of the OOH market.

HERE says it will provide location datasets such as places and venue maps to Verve’s Velocity platform. Clients will be able to improve their audience segmentation, optimise campaign measurement and produce more relevant ads. The partnership means that marketers can now connect audiences to the time and place where they shop.

“At Verve, we are committed to serving mobile advertising content that brings value to consumers’ lives, whether for utility or entertainment,” said Tom Kenney, CEO of Verve. “HERE gives us a deeper understanding of location context to enhance our data science practices, which extends our mobile platform capabilities and enables our customers to provide more meaningful ad experiences to consumers in the environments in which they interact.”

Mobile data has made it possible to understand consumer habits and motivations, making it easier to deliver highly relevant and personalised adverts.

“Verve and HERE align on mission to create advertising experiences that resonate with consumers through the power of location in a responsible, transparent way,” added Hervé Utheza, Head of Media, Advertising & Telco at HERE. “We are excited to embark on this journey together to improve digital OOH on mobile devices and in the new arena of in-vehicle advertising by embedding mobile signals in a refined and precise geometry of the world.”

Spending on OOH ads in the US in 2018 is estimated to having reached a record $7.4 billion, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau.