Verto Analytics partners with Statista to provide measurement data for cross-device campaigns

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Verto Analytics, the audience measurement provider, has announced a research partnership with research firm Statista. As part of the deal, Verto Analytics will prepare research deliverables and measurement data based on single-source digital, cross-device audience measurement methodology for Statista to use.
Verto Analytics partners with Statista
Verto Analytics research data includes adult consumers in the US, UK and China, as well as countries in Europe and Asia to follow over the next few months.
Friedrich Schwandt, CEO of Statista, explains that the Verto’s research and insights provide a reliable way to measure metrics on digital consumers across devices and platforms. He says:
friedrich schwandt

“We continuously seek reliable data partners, and Verto offers an impressive level of detail on today’s digital mobile consumer. Today’s international, cross-device world requires a media measurement solution like Verto, which provides transparent consumer insights based on a single source measurement panel. Consumers are highly mobile and more and more of their digital activities, time spent with entertainment and e-commerce transactions are taking place across multiple screens and devices. The depth of data that Verto provides is a must-have resource for companies that require deep insights into what consumers are doing to help inform their marketing, competitive intelligence, media buying and product strategy initiatives.”

Companies have to remain engaged across multiple devices in order to reach customers these days. According to research, the average US adult now owns 4.6 devices. Verto discovers how consumers actually use these devices and what drives them to do so.
Ad revenues from mobile are projected to surpass desktops in late 2016 in the US. As of May 2016, over 10bn hours per day were spent by US consumers above the age of 18 on mobile apps.
However, the Chinese far outrank the Americans, with 94% of Chinese online users on smartphones compared to 70% in the US.
Dr. Hannu Verkasalo, CEO and founder, Verto Analytics, adds:

“We are honored that Statista has selected Verto as a research partner, and are thrilled to benefit from the strong industry validation and broad reach of Statista as an established market leader. More companies will now have access to the actionable data they need to maximize monetization opportunities, optimize media buying, track their net reach and benchmark against their competitors across the digital ecosystem.”

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