Verto Analytics launches new product for expanded mobile campaign audience insights

Verto Analytics, the measurement company, has just rolled out a new media measurement tool for US and European publishers. Dubbed Audience Profiles, the single-source audience measurement solution adds behavioural data, device usage as well as other insights into a single offering.
Verto says it hopes the product can help publishers boost their user profiles to monetise audiences via storytelling.
It adds that Audience Profiles pools demographics and behaviours for cross-device engagements, but also provides comparative metrics to check out how competitors are doing.
As total monthly mobile app and smartphone usership has grown 13% between July and December 2016, it has become ever more apparent that consumer media consumption patterns have changed drastically.
Traditional measurement approaches can’t meet publisher and advertiser needs in an ever-changing environment. Indeed, the boost of cross-device ownership means that marketers will have to adapt and learn more about their audiences.
AJ Mathew, VP of Research & Insights at Kargo says:

“We at Kargo help major publishers monetize their mobile audiences. Creative, planning and sales teams need holistic data and insights that help in the characterization and profiling of the increasingly mobile-centric consumer. We embrace products and solutions that help us tell a better story and make it easier to understand the quickly evolving consumer.”

The new product is based on Verto Analytics’ single-source measurement methodology, based on behavioral data aggregated from a panel of opt-in consumers that own and use multiple devices, to measure from the point of consumer interaction across all platforms, media, content and devices.
Among top features of Audience Profiles are visualisations for audiences, unique metrics to quantify audience engagement, comparative analysis as well as cross-device usage analysis.

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