Verto Analytics launches new audience cross-device measurement tool

Source Verto Analytics

Verto Analytics, the mobile and app measurement company, just rolled out a new tool that combines surveys with cross-device metering. Dubbed Smart Poll, the feature can be accessed from Verto’s Smart Panel and essentially enables clients to see if consumers do what they say. It represents a way to measure opinions whilst tracking the behavior. That should offer a more rounded picture for advertisers or marketers interested in understanding their audiences.
The tool has been successful in beta testing with Breath UK, Universal Music, and YuMe among others.
Verto explains that passive metering is a little different in that it provides cross-device consumer activity, but doesn’t measure motivation or intent behind those actions.
Hannu Verkasalo, CEO of Verto Analytics, adds:

“Whether you’re a brand, retailer or an app publisher, nothing is more critical than understanding exactly when, why and how your target consumers engage with your and your competitors’ products and services. That understanding comes through analyzing the cross-device behavior, demographics, intent, lifestyle and values of your target audience. With Smart Poll, that is exactly what you will get – razor sharp insights that you can turn into consumer actions.”

Verto’s Smart App can measure consumer activity across digital devices, services and platform to quantify interactions. It provides information on demographics, including gender, age, eduction, ethnicity, marital status, employment status, region/state, household income, and more. The tool also generates information on device types and consumer behaviours such as time spent in-app, on a website, or at location. Consumers can easily opt-in to a survey and their answers are then matched to measurements taken.
For advertisers the feature offers some distinct advantages, for example, a brand advertiser could check whether a cross-device campaign resulted in purchase intent, awareness or product recall. An app developer, on the other hand, may assess user satisfaction ratings.
Paul Neto, Research Industry Analyst, adds:

“Passive data can provide observational insights on the day of life of today’s ‘liquid’ consumers, but only surveys can capture what these same consumers think about their experience, or what decisions they might take. Making existing passive measurement panels and bespoke surveys widely available to the industry is a great step, as it will make this type of research available to a larger number of customers than any customized projects or proprietary samples could ever do.”

Understanding an audience becomes key when trying to target them more effectively. As such, Smart Poll may be a great tool to match and compare consumer behaviour for better conversions.

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