Verto Analytics boosts client growth as smartphones dominate reach among adults

Smartphones have the highest reach among online adult populations at an 80% average globally, followed by laptops (74%) and tablets (38%). Such cross-device ownership and varying patterns of usage throughout the day make it more difficult for advertisers to provide meaningful measurements of their ad campaigns, according to research from Verto Analytics, the mobile measurement company.
Verto Analytics provides cross-device audience measurement tools, which are based on a single-source approach and can track cross-device users as and when they swap screens. The firm said that usage of its syndicated measurement services had grown over 200% between April last year to April 2017.
Verto announced that it tripled its US-based customers, after enjoying some solid momentum in the US and UK recently. New clients include agencies, tech firms and media entities such as CNN, Kargo and Mobile Posse.
As the ad market is becoming a little more crowded and the threat of mobile ad blockers looms, advertisers have turned to adopt measurement tools to interpret multitasking behaviours across digital screens.
Hannu Verkasalo, CEO of Verto Analytics, explains that the multitasking consumer who operates across multiple device has created a challenge for brands and publishers to measure time spent.

“Siloed measurement approaches that report PC use separately from mobile aren’t meeting the needs of the industry, so our goal is to give organizations insights into how and where consumers are spending their time. Our ability to eliminate these blind spots and go beyond behavior to illustrate a day in the life view of that consumer gives our customers actionable data and stories, not just data points.”

In January, the company rolled out its Smart Poll product which combines survey research and cross-device metering. Brand, retailers and app publishers can compare how consumers engage with products and services to optimise their campaigns and deliver more effective engagement and conversion tools.
Multitasking is one the rise, and so are hub apps – apps that consumers rely on to conduct multiple activities and engage with services and content, such as WeChat. Therefore, Verto Analytics recently developed a new metric, return rate, to help rank hub apps based on consumer multitasking rate.
Gregory Wester, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Business Development at Mobile Posse Inc., adds:

“Mobile Posse works with the biggest carriers and telecommunication companies. In driving new growth it is extremely powerful when we validate our industry-leading results with independent deep cross-device and mobile media metrics. Verto Analytics’ next-generation audience measurement service gives us deep and detailed device and media metrics that help us drive growth of our First Screen solutions in a very strategic manner.”

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