Verco Solutions launches new mobile ad solution to drive foot traffic

Verco Solutions, a Virginia-based advertising company, has launched a new mobile ad solution for small businesses which the firm says drives more leads and increases foot traffic to stores and service locations. The solution provides a range of targeting features to reach the right audience more effectively.
Verco launches mobile advertising solution
Charles Muotoh, CEO, Verco Solutions, says:
charles muotoh

“Our company started out as a mobile marketing company with a heavy focus on mobile app development. Soon after, we quickly discovered that there were opportunities for small businesses to leverage the kind of mobile advertising solutions that many of the big brands have used for years. Most big brands have some form of mobile marketing strategy. It’s high time the little guys start enjoying the benefits of mobile.”

Research by Mediative confirms that almost 90% of participants use their mobile devices to search for local businesses whilst almost 50% of consumers make purchases online after seeing ads on their smartphones and tablets.
Indeed, a recent study by DemandWare confirms that eCommerce rose 14% for site visits, 18% for baskets and 18% for orders.
Verco Solutions is tapping into that growth, but says it specifically caters to smaller businesses.
Muotoh adds:

“We use, what we call, hyperlocal targeting technology to target mobile users within a small, specific radius of the customer’s business location to ensure we are targeting their local clients – not just anyone from any country.”

It has also added geo-fencing technology which hyper-locates potential customers within a three to five-mile radius of a business location.

“With access to 100 billion impressions a month and proprietary data on over 300 million consumers, we can target your ideal customer where they are spending an increasing amount of time – their mobile devices.  As long as your customers have mobile devices, we can get you in front of them.”

The new mobile ad solution includes real-time reporting that tracks how often a consumer clicked on an ad, shared or saved a coupon or clicked on a website.

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