Varnish Software embraces the Internet of Things, announces API Engine


Varnish Software, which produces the world’s most used HTTP accelerator, has announced its API Engine, designed to help developers and companies better manage API libraries.  Application Program Interfaces (API) are becoming more important, as companies work towards connecting more devices to the Internet. Varnish called them the “glue that connects and enables all the things to communicate,” in a reference to the growing Internet of Things trend.

The API Engine is API driven, and capable of handling 20,000 API calls every second, making it robust enough to cope with the quickly changing industry. Described as “simple and lightweight,” this version 1.0 release has several key features onboard.

There’s support for various authentication systems, along with client access authorizations, plus options for API call metering, a caching system to reduce call overload, and a feature to throttle specific APIs.

Pat Buer, founder and CTO at Varnish Software, said:


“We observed in the market and learned from our customers that APIs are going down the same route as websites, with a proliferation of users, devices and applications causing serious performance problems for legacy and home-grown tolos. With Varnish API Engine we have created a simple and easy to use API management tool designed to give digital businesses a truly competitive edge.”

API Engine 1.0 is available now with a Call Level Interface, and pricing starts at $47,000. Varnish will release a new version with updates to the web interface and cloud support in fall 2015.

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