Valassis launches ad solution that sends personalised mobile offers to retarget broadcast adverts

Valassisthe media solutions provider, just rolled out Valassis Audible Offers, which transforms an advertiser’s broadcast TV, radio or YouTube advert into a targeted distribution channel for digital offers targeting mobile devices.
Valassis offers a range of mobile advertising solutions
So how does it work?
When a consumer views a TV commercial or listens to a radio ad, a personalized offer is sent to their mobile device at the same time. That means advertisers can reach consumers cross-device and catch them at a prime time to reinforce their advert.
Valassis confirms that the solution is fully opt-in on the consumer end.
Audible Offers lets advertisers use their existing broadcast media to trigger such second-screen experiences without having to invest into additional hardware. When embedded, the Audible Offers features auto-triggers an advertiser’s exclusive offer to be auto-sent to the mobile app on a consumer’s device.
Offers can then be inserted into Apple Wallet or Google Wallet to add an additional layer of consumer connectivity.
Victor Nichols, CEO of Valassis, explains:
victor nichols

“As consumers interact with brands on a variety of media channels, advertisers continue to seek innovative approaches for higher advertising returns and adoption rates on their mobile applications. At the same time, consumers now expect promotional messages to be more geared to their unique interests and demands. With Valassis Audible Offers, it’s now great to have a consumer on their device while an advertisement is airing as we can deliver a targeted mobile offer that directly aligns to the commercial. Prior to our new solution, advertisers were unable to achieve engagement at scale, especially with their own mobile applications. We are making TV and radio advertising multi-purpose at a very low cost.”

Valassis Audible Offers lets advertisers target consumers by demographics, location and media consumption behavior.
In addition, the solution is easily integrated with one’s own mobile app through Valassis’ SDK.
The company’s exclusive deal with ACTV8me also means that engagement through the Mobii mobile media wallet app is possible which can attribute the purchase of a product to a particular commercial.
Brian Shuster, Founder and CEO, ACTV8me, adds:
brian shuster

“Television, radio and video streaming ads are impactful mediums for creating brand awareness. By adding this dynamic offer delivery system and transactional platform, we can identify user engagement data and transactional data down to the individual. The platform also identifies at which point a consumer was inspired to make a purchase, what value triggered the consumer to act and which media inspired the transaction.”

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