User Acquisition Done Right: Do You Use Mobile Advertising Potential to the Fullest?

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Partner Post - Clickky a full-stack platform for mobile advertisers and publishers

Posted: March 27, 2017

Mobile advertising is crucial for the effective user acquisition and using its potential to the fullest implies having access to various mobile ad inventory sources. Clickky’s Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers helps to connect with more publishers, allowing to take advertising campaigns into your own hands.

Diversify mobile inventory

By choosing just one set of inventory and concentrating on one platform or solution, advertisers miss out on opportunities to reach a more diverse audience. Adding another platform to the list can increase the chances of connecting with more publishers, and therefore, a larger number of potential customers. Advertisers can be wary to invest additional costs and effort into working with another acquisition channel. However, with a self-serve solution, they can have the advantage of more inventory without the drawback of added spending.

Choose a self-serve solution

Clickky’s Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers grants the access to more mobile inventory with the advantage of speedy launch of an ad campaign. You do not have to wait until a manager answers, starts working on your ad campaign, customizes targeting and pitches it to his publishers. With a self-serve, you have all the necessary tools to do it on your own. Just define the target audience you want to reach and choose geolocation, demographic, OS and traffic type accordingly.
When promoting an app, it can be difficult to set a correct CPI rate for the ad campaign, avoiding overpaying and at the same time, giving the ads a competitive price. But a self-serve solution can help with that as well. Clickky’s Platform has a unique feature — a CPI recommendation tool which gathers information about your campaign, compares it to the data in Clickky’s database and shows the average price per install for the chosen geolocation at this particular moment.
It takes a couple of clicks to have the campaign started. You can test the campaigns within the system or launch them without testing — it’s all up to you.
Clickky’s user acquisition platform allows optimizing campaigns after the launch. Quality optimization based on retention rate helps to single out sources that bring quality users. A blacklisting tool works for elimination of sources that bring lowest retention rate and traffic of a lower quality. Eventually, with all the tools available, the process of launching and optimizing the campaigns is easily managed and does not require significant investments of time or costs.
The minimum account recharge is only $100, so you can test your ad campaign very cheap. There is no need for a large advertising budget to get your campaign up and running on the Clickky’s platform. You can put in the minimum sum and see the first results of the campaign.

Track and analyze the results

It is important to process and analyze the results of the user acquisition campaign to understand which channels turned out to be the most efficient. At Clickky’s platform, direct developers have access to all the statistics from particular tracking systems and are able to evaluate user quality and retention rate.


To run an effective user acquisition campaign, try to reach out to a wider audience and do not limit yourself to the same marketing channels. Including a user acquisition platform into your strategy will give more opportunities for successful app promotion, without having to spend a lot.