Mobile User Acquisition and Monetization Wars: Two sides, one battle

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Partner Post - Billy Mobile The Leading Affiliate Platform

Posted: June 20, 2017

Mobile apps continue to grow in usage and remain a key illusiness line for mobile advertising networks. Despite this continued importance, many businesses have failed to adapt a strategy that actively meets the needs of this market and in particular, the needs of app developers. For many, a clear division between user acquisition and user monetization is still perceived as necessary with the idea of joining these two business divisions together all too often viewed as inconceivable. However, at Billy Mobile, things are done differently. As argued by Billy Mobile’s Head of Affiliates, David Jordan, essentially the two business divisions can be described as two armies fighting the same battle – the battle for an ultimate app business ROI.
When looking at the two business divisions, or “armies”, in detail, the differences become clear. Essentially, the “monetization army” treats an app as an opportunity for monetizing traffic. In contrast, the “User Acquisition army” treats the app on an advertising basis with an interest in growing user base.
Each army has unique skills and tools that enable them to achieve their goal. The user acquisition army is made up of players that are specialized in stimulating app growth. For example, growth hackers, ASO managers, media buyers and the marketing department. The strategies this army utilises are also geared to the same goal, including things such as attribution tools, paid acquisition strategies, organic install optimisation techniques and analytic and BI tools. This army fights smaller battles to achieve the overall goal of user acquisition. Focusing on areas such as lowering CPI and triggering post-install events like IAP and finding the weapons that bring the best KPI’s are all required to maximize a desired user base.
In contrast, the monetization army utilizes different players, strategies to reach a different goal. Players in this army include figures such as AdOps experts, Adtech troopers, Sales managers and Heads of monetization. These players use a different set of strategies to make the most out of their skills. Things like traffic monetization through advertising SDKs, data monetization, affiliation and paid features  are all vital. Together the players and strategies come together to reach the goal of feeding LTV, multiplying IAP conversion rates, playing mediation and floors to grow eCPM’s and of course, making a lot of money.
So, there we have it. Two distinguished armies comprised of different players, different strategies and different goals. With this in mind it’s easy to understand why so many businesses tend to separate these lines of business. However, for Billy, there is a belief that the strengths of both of these divisions need to be merged  in app promotion.
In the world of mobile app promotion, essentially a developer wants to achieve two things. Firstly, of course a user acquisition strategy. Growing a user base, working to a reduction in eCPI and keeping the sources that bring the most value are all key. However, a whole lot of users means nothing if they aren’t generating profit. So, in addition, an app developer wants to be able to monetise their app, growing their product revenue, ensuring user experience added value and essentially increasing the average revenue per user.
In order to achieve this, the skills of both the user acquisition army and the monetization army need to come together. That’s why in Billy Mobile these two teams have been merged together in order to create a “CPI Business team”. Billy Mobile boasts a combined Business strategy that utilises the different techniques to achieve maximum results. Essentially, with the armies skills put together, the ultimate goal of any app developer is achievable: an amazing product that delivers an outstanding ROI.
With Billy Mobile, app developers can enjoy a service that grows a user base while simultaneously delivering high monetization rates. Focusing on user acquisition, app engagement, app retention and app rediscovery, Billy Mobile understands the needs of app developers and how to grow apps the right way.
When looking at formats that Billy Mobile uses, their core belief of highlighting the importance of both monetization and acquisition becomes apparent. Video, native, banner and interstitial ads are all used with the belief that it’s important to disrupt but not intrude. Essentially what this ensures is an advertisement gets noticed, achieving monetization, but also maintains user experience, preventing a decline is user base.
BIlly’s advanced AI optimization technology, ActiveBx, has also been fine-tuned to deliver maximum results to app developers that want to balance user growth and product ROI. Billy created a specific algorithm for app growth that gives priority to those traffic sources that deliver the best results in the KPIs chosen by the advertiser. Thanks to the integration with top mobile attribution and analytics platforms like Appsflyer, Adjust and Kochava, ActiveBx can take decisions in real time to maximize results in every single CPI campaign.
Essentially, with Billy’s dedication to merging both the CPI advertiser and publisher teams a new level of service is achieved. By having a team dedicated to both these aspects, clients can benefit from the knowledge that their app is kept at the top of the charts and in the forefront of users minds.

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