How To Use Data And Analytics To Improve Your App Marketing

George Osborn | August 20, 2014

App Marketing

We are in the era of Big Data. With canny marketers and developers learning how to measure everything from precisely where someone is using their device to how long your toenails are. Well, that might not be true. But the point is that measuring and analysing data, particularly in the extraordinarily data heavy world of mobile, is crucial groundwork that can help to inform design decisions, prioritise UA channels and help eke greater overall performance from your app overall.

Simon Kendall from AdEven, the company behind, gets that. At the App Promotion Summit, he provided something of a short and sharp boot camp to explain how to decide what metrics you should be tracking, what you need to do to get the most from them and how you can use data in interesting ways to make important decisions.

In fact, if we were summarising the top takeaways from his talk, we’d say that these are the three things you should be looking out for:

  • Understanding how your unique app and the vertical you operate in affects which data needs to be tracked.
  • Learning to identify key metrics and working out processes for analysing them.
  • Utilising the likes of cohort analysis to gain greater insight into what exactly your next move should be.

Watch Simon’s presentation at the App Promotion Summit Berlin now by checking out the video below.

How To Use Data And Analytics To Improve Your App Marketing Video

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