US youngsters use Snapchat more frequently than other social media apps

Whether it’s Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook – young people are all about their social networks. However, Snapchat and Instagram take the lead when it comes to daily usage.
That’s according to new findings from advertising and PR firm SCG which surveyed 333 college and high school students in the US to find out more about their preferred social networks.
95% of students said they used the three top social media platforms. 88% added that they opened Instagram and Snapchat apps often, compared to 81% for Facebook. Twitter lags somewhat behind at 67% and less than 50% of students actually use it. Lower usage was also reported for Tumblr, YouTube and Pinterest.
In terms of daily usage, Snapchat leads with 78% of youngsters saying they use it daily, compared to 76% for Instagram and 66% for Facebook.
A whopping 71% use Snapchat more than six times a day, whilst over half (51%) admitted to using the communications app more than 11 times a day.
Michael Cherenson, SCG’s executive VP for public relations, explained:

“Students – mostly GenZ – are spending about 11 hours per day in front of up to five different screens. So it should be of no surprise that they are not married to just one platform. Marketers and brands must be agnostic when it comes to platform. This means being open to use of several social media networks, often in unique ways.”

Snapchatters said they were mostly using the app to stay in touch with friends (90%) and sharing videos and images (57%). Almost half (49%) said they used Snapchat on a daily basis.
Cherenson adds:

“More than half of Snapchat users say they would feel disconnected from friends if not for Snapchat, which speaks volumes about the relationship students have with the platform and their peer networks. Almost 25% indicated Snapchat is essential to their relationships.”

A testament to Snapchat’s creative force, 90% of users said they enjoyed geofilters on the app, whilst 85% liked the Snapchat lenses. However, students were little to not at all interested in adverts alongside stories. That’s likely going to be an issue for shareholders given that the company went public this year.
However, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are brands which students do follow, including Cosmo, Buzzfeed and the Kardashians. Cherenson explains that storytelling is a core feature of the app and hence brands will have to adjust their advertising approach in order to reach Snapchatters.

“Brands would be wise to use the platform for storytelling, providing new and interesting perspectives, and for engaging in a thoughtful, interesting and meaningful way with students. Cookie cutter content will be pushed aside quickly.”

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