US mobile programmatic ad market growing rapidly

Anne Freier | September 2, 2016

Mobile Advertising

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A new report from Research and Markets has highlighted the lead of the US market in programmatic display advertising. That may not come as a big surprise to some, given that the US market has previously been forecast to generate two-thirds of its digital display ads programmatically.
Programmatic mobile advertising on the rise
According to eMarketer, US programmatic ad spend is set to reach $22bn this year. The study highlights that the programmatic display ad market was worth just over $10bn in 2015. That would mean an increase of over 100% from last year.
Indeed, programmatic has proven itself a worthy technology. The market is lucrative and advertisers have begun to realise that they can generate higher profits through systematic and targeted ads.
However, the APAC countries haven’t shown the same growth. The region could become more significant when it comes to programmatic as it picks up pace.
Mobile devices have undoubtedly contributed the highest share to the programmatic display ad market. A large number of eCommerce sites have also begun to launch their own mobile apps. The research firm estimates that almost 50% of all programmatic ads are being viewed on mobile devices across the globe.
Real-time bidding is the main type of programmatic display advertising. Over 90% of such ads are sold through RTB marketplaces. However, more companies are expected to migrate to direct deals as programmatic becomes even more established.
It may have a long way to go still, but mobile programmatic advertising looks like it has a promising future ahead.

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