US mobile ad spend to reach $42bn this year

This year, digital display ads are projected to surpass search spending for the first time, according to eMarketer. The latest forecast suggests that marketers will spend $32.2bn on display ads, including banners, video and rich media, compared to $29.2bn on search. Video ad spend is up 14.3% from 12.8% in 2015.
Digital ad spend surpasses search
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Of the $32.2bn in display ad spending, two-thirds will be spent to reach mobile users. 77.5% or $17.5bn are to be invested in banners and rich media formats. Video ad spend will be higher on desktops at $5.08bn compared to $4.08bn on mobile devices.
Two-third of display ad spend goes to mobile devices
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These figures highlight the growing trend towards mobile advertising. Marketers are listening and have put their ad dollars towards the most desired channels and formats.
eMarketer cautions:

“But while it may seem to the casual observer that in-stream video, in-feed video and mobile are thriving effortlessly, those entrenched in digital display advertising know that growth in ad dollars can only come from painstaking investment in things like cross-device capabilities, programmatic advertising and continual efforts to address issues of ad viewability and fraud. The following trends are the ones that eMarketer believes most likely to affect digital display spending in 2016 and in the next few years to come.”

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