US mobile ad spend growth estimates down from 21% to 5% in pandemic aftermath

More than two-thirds of US digital advertising spending will go toward mobile platforms in 2020, according to research by eMarketer.

The latest forecast predicts that US mobile ad dollars will increase 4.8% this year, but that’s down from a predicted 20.7% earlier this year.

Contrast this to a rise of 23% in 2019 and it’s a rather pitiful outlook.

eMarketer attributes the decline to the effects of the coronavirus epidemic which saw many marketers pull advertising dollars as consumers were locked down.

For 2021, a rise of 22.5% is estimated.

In March, eMarketer still expected mobile ad dollars to grow $18.04 billion, but adjusted its outlook to just $4.22 billion due to the consequences of the pandemic.

Mobile will account for 68% of digital ad spending.

While ads on social media, game apps and streaming video apps performed well, location-based mobile ads suffered in the last few months.

eMarketer cautions that a positive outlook for the remainder of the year may be dampened if second-wave outbreaks happen during the winter.

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