US mobile ad exchanges down 10% in April 2017

The US advertising market dropped 1% during April 2017 with TV stagnant, whilst digital media was up just 3%, according to the Standard Media Index.
Social media made some more significant gains at 12%, whilst ad exchanges grew 10% and pure-play video was boosted to 6%. However, losses in the digital sphere were attributed to mobile ad networks which were down 10%.
James Fennessy, CEO of Standard Media Index, explained:

“The digital market hasn’t rebounded from the viewability and safety concerns that came to the forefront late last year. Advertisers are yet to jump back in and show they are confident that these issues have been meaningfully addressed.”

The digital advertising landscape appears to be in a consistent state of transition as it churns out ever new technologies and resulting new measurement methods to verify the usage of these new ad inventions.
However, the drop in digital in the US during April is likely attributable to turmoil at YouTube as Google lost out millions in ad revenue when brand safety was being questioned during an advertiser boycott of the popular video streaming site.
In addition, Forrester research highlighted a potential drop in digital display ad expenditure during March 2017.

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