US Hispanics and African Americans visit political sites more often on mobile devices

New research from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) finds that political issues are being viewed almost as much on digital devices (67%) as on TV (69%). According to the The Race for the White House 2016: Registered Voters and Media and Information During the Primaries study, digital has become an important way to reach US voters with 75% of those having seen a candidate’s mobile ad, taking action afterwards that includes searching for additional information or engaging in conversation.
National news sites are the most important source for political information. 61% of users generally access such information from mobile devices, compared to 88% on desktop.
Accessing political information through news sites by device
Over a third of registered voters said that digital was their prime medium to collect candidate information. Younger US voters are also more likely to take action after seeing a political ad online or on mobile devices. 71% of those aged 18-34 years said they have taken action after seeing a digital ad.
Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President of Research, Analytics, and Measurement, IAB, says:
sherill mane

“The results of the study demonstrate the vital role of digital media in the political process and substantiate that digital is on par with TV among registered voters as a key resource. As the election season heats up, it is abundantly clear that candidates and advocacy groups must harness the informational and relationship-building power of digital media to succeed.”

Younger voters take action after viewing ads on mobile and digital devices
The study also found that US Hispanics (67%) and African Americans (60%) rely more heavily on their mobile devices when visiting political sites than the overall average of 49% of voters. 87% of Hispanics are also more likely to take action after viewing a digital ad.
Anna Bager, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile and Video, IAB, explains:

“US Hispanic and African-American voters are crucial to candidates, and this research shows that mobile is the best way to reach them.”

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