US and UK Click-Through Rates are highest in the early morning, says StartApp

Anne Freier | September 11, 2015


Mobile ad platform, StartApp, has just revealed research which concludes that Click-Through Rates (CTRs) for in-app ads in the US and UK are higher when displayed during the early morning hours of the day.
StartApp finds that CTRs for in-app ads score higher during the morning
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Data for this study comes from 15bn ad impressions generated by 190,000 apps across the world, using StartApp’s software development kit. In the US, CTRs see their highest engagement between the hours of 6-9am (18.17% average), with another peak between 11am-1pm (9.7%). During the rest of the day, engagement gradually drops off with a percentage of 6.95% around 6pm.
In the UK, the average CTRs for in-app ad engagement are highest between only 5-6am (20.98%), with another peak around 11am-12pm (8.25%). User engagement dips to 5.53% around 4pm and then climbs a little around 10pm (7.44%).
Itay Rokni, CRO of StartApp, says:

“The findings from this report presented compelling results, especially for advertisers running burst in-app ad campaigns. The data set shows that advertisers can increase their click-through rates for their ad campaigns simply by running in-app ads at peak engagement times throughout the day, which in this case was the morning hours for both the US and the UK. With this in mind however, it doesn’t mean that advertisers should only advertise in the mornings in both countries, but should consider additional ad-spend for that time of day.”

Not factoring in its population, the US accounted for a higher average CTR (7.40%) than the UK (5.85%).

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