Urban Airship launches automation engine to improve in-app engagement

Urban Airship, the mobile engagement platform, has just launched the first in-app automation engine through which brands can create rich, interactive in-app ads that can be precisely targeted to meet consumer behaviour and lifecycle events through automation logic.
Although in-app messaging is an important way for app developers to engage with end users, many messages are still seen as annoying or irrelevant due to delivery issues.
The automation engine ensures that messages are received at the moment when they matter most to the end user, ie. in-context or in-session.
Marketers will be able to use the Urban Airship UI to fully customize their templates or custom HTML for different rich, interactive message layouts and to define automation logic, edit messages and performance.
At the same time, advertisers will be saving time and money by being granted additional flexibility.

“The vast majority of customer journeys today are self-directed, and digital offers consumers effortless, limitless choice, so it’s more important than ever to engage people as they learn about brand offerings and features — it’s their point of maximum influence,” explained Brett Caine, president and CEO, Urban Airship. “We’re on a mission to disrupt the status quo of digital customer engagement, making it easier and more automatic to use customer data and drive action across all digital channels.”

Among the features of the automation engine are out-of-box actions such as onboarding or engagement. Fine-grained controls and adaptive messaging can help to eliminate repeat messaging and target them more precisely.
Previously, messages were sent when certain events were initiated such as customer adding an item to a cart. Now, advertisers can use event metadata such as order value, product category and user attributes including language and country to create personalized messages.
The automation engine thus ensures that any behaviours and message responses are considered when engaging app users.
Shannon McKenzie, Director, Product Development at NBC Sports Group, added:

“Alerts are a key component of our product strategy, as we want to ensure our audience can quickly discover the content they love. We sent nearly 400 million alerts to Olympic fans over the 18 days and nights of the Games, and ultimately streamed a record 2.17 billion minutes of Winter Olympics content. We’re looking forward to Urban Airship’s ability to automate elements of the engagement process to allow us to customise each fan’s preferences and to personalise the user experience. With Urban Airship’s new in-app automation, we will be able to curate each user’s viewing experience, ensuring they never miss a moment of their favourite event, team or athlete.”

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