Upsight responds to neutrality concerns, offloads PlayHaven

Christopher Reynolds

In Uncategorized. September 30, 2014

Mobile analytics platform Upsight has sold-off its PlayHaven mobile game ad network to digital media company Science Inc.
You may remember a few months back PlayHaven merged with the user tracking company Kontagent to form the newly-branded Upsight, which now focuses on app analytics and providing ways to engage users based on behavioural data. The merger was seen as yet another signs of the consolidation within the app analytics niche.
However, as we reported back in Spring, some in the industry saw potential issues with bringing together analytics and monetisation services under a single umbrella. Adjust’s CEO Christian Henschel in particular told us that conflicts of interest could arise, adding that analytics should be “the Switzerland” within the mobile ad ecosystem. Well it now seems Upsight has taken these concerns to heart, with CEO Andy Yang telling TheNextWeb: “We need to be a neutral party. Having our own ad network introduces some conflicts of interests.”
In a press release, Andy Yang added:

“The PlayHaven Ad Network has a reputation for its high-quality user base and exceptional customer service. Science has a proven track record of building world-class digital marketing firms and is the right team to carry that flag and continue growing the business. With complete focus on our SaaS business, Upsight will aggressively invest and expand into new verticals and quickly launch new analytics and marketing products that help our customers bridge the gap between insight and action.”

Upsight now wants to focus entirely on building out its analytics platform and says it will use the funds from the sale to expand its service. PlayHaven on the other hand will experience “no change” and will continue to “run as scheduled” according to the company. Current Upsight users will also continue to have access to PlayHaven. For more information check out the PlayHaven website.