Upsight releases rebuilt Upsight Marketing platform, targets multi-app business users

Mobile analytics and marketing company Upsight has redesigned and completely rebuilt its Upsight Marketing platform, so it’s a better fit for marketers who want to target specific groups of mobile app users, and maximize the potential of their campaigns. Upsight believes traditional marketing methods aren’t able to cope with the massive amounts of data generated by mobile users, particularly across multiple apps, and has tailored Upsight Marketing to fill that need.
Josh Williams, chairman and CTO of Upsight, said:

“For the first time ever, consumers now spend more time in mobile apps than on the web. This shift is making it increasingly difficult for modern marketing organizations to adapt to the exponential increase in mobile user data and sophistication of mobile marketing campaigns.”

An overview of the new Upsight Marketing platform

The new dashboard allows marketers to drill down and target users who’re most likely to respond to their campaigns. For example, Upsight uses a demo app with more than 22 million users, but spilt into categories with ten different attributes from average spend to geographical location. This way, campaigns can be created in the right language, aimed at those who’re already spending money, and are active users.Results are presented in real-time, messages can be aimed at specific users, and marketers can use the data to create immediate campaigns.
Upsight’s targeting businesses with its new tool, which has taken more than a year to develop, and it monitors more than 500 billion data points across thousands of apps each month. It’s powerful enough to manage campaigns across multiple apps, and includes comprehensive A/B testing systems built in, to assess which methods work best.
There is the chance to request a demonstration of Upsight Marketing through the company’s website.

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