Upsight optimises publisher ad revenue with acquisition of Fuse Powered

Enterprise analytics and marketing automation platform, Upsight, yesterday revealed that it had acquired mobile supply-side monetisation and ad mediation platform, Fuse Powered. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed. Operating under the Upsight brand, the combined solution provides app developers with an end-to-end user lifecycle management tool to increase their users’ lifetime value.
Upsight campaign dashboard
campaign-feature-main upsight
The new platform enables mobile app publishers to optimise their campaigns for IAP and revenue in combination with analytics, real-time segmentation, marketing automation and full management through an ad mediation solution. Both, commerce and ad revenue streams for the whole lifecycle of users can be optimised. According to the company, demand for such mobile solutions has been growing rapidly, increasing 447% from 2013 to 2015.
Andy Yang, CEO, Upsight, says:
andy yang

“Upsight currently tracks and optimizes $2B of commerce revenue on an annual basis. But, ad revenue has become an increasingly critical component of the mobile ecosystem for publishers to monetize users. With Fuse, we now complete the entire revenue picture and can help our customers achieve harmony between the two streams.”

He adds that Fuse is a neutral solution which does not compete against its ad network partners with its own demand sources. This allows the company to focus on its clients and help them achieve higher revenues.
Jon Walsh, CEO, Fuse Powered and the new President of Upsight, adds:

“Fuse has always been focused on making our publishers more money with less hassle. We are thrilled to join forces with Upsight to deliver the most comprehensive user lifecycle management platform to the world’s leading mobile businesses and help them maximize user LTV.”

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