Updated CPI Model: How to Attract More Real Users to Your Mobile App

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Posted: October 17, 2016

Usually it takes months to find the right idea and create a design of your new mobile application. Then you build it and finally it’s time to launch it on a market. But it doesn’t mean that your work is done. This is only a starting point on the way to make your app an integral part of your target customers daily life.
So, the next challenging step is to make your target audience aware of your product, and convincing potential users to download it. However, the mobile advertising industry is changing faster then any other field. That’s why you need to adjust your strategies, and update your marketing tools to stay steady in the cutthroat competition. A CPI model is not an exception.
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Classical model of CPI

CPI stands for Cost-Per-Install. This is a business model that allows publishers place digital ads across a range of media in an effort to drive the installation of their applications. CPI campaigns are known for fixed or bid rate settlements, where app owners have to pay for the number of installations.
However, besides the fact that the CPI is still considered to be a working marketing tool, it has not so positive sides as well. The most significant one is that you have to pay a bundle for the thousands of users that are not active users. This is a real issue today. Also you have a limited control over traffic without the possibility to accurately evaluate the quality of traffic which your ads had been exposed to.
To stand the competitive environment, it is imperative to take an intelligent and efficient approach to advertising. You should not only measure the number of app installs but what happens next, measure app users actions after an app was downloaded.
The new methodology
It is possible with the new CPI model that represents a shift from Cost-Per-Install (CPI) to Cost-Per-Action (CPA). This model is, no doubt, the most significant recent change that is rapidly becoming more common. The new CPI functionality now allows advertisers to focus on in-app activity when users download and install mobile apps. This makes marketing easier, ROI higher, and, as a result, business more successful.
The improvements carry several significant advantages:

  • Advertisers are finally able to pay for only real active users;
  • No fraud, as bots find it harder to perform in-app actions;
  • App owners can track users in-app activity and reaction on the product;
  • No need to try and control the industry with varied CPI rates and endless restrictions;
  • Developers can evaluate and control the traffic.

GOWIDE uses optimized CPI
Among other market leaders, GOWIDE successfully introduced the improved CPI methodology in its offering. The company is ready to provide a new service on customers’ requests.
If you are ready to make your mobile marketing work, contact us right away.

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