Unruly Media launches insights on emotional trends of mobile video ads

Unruly Media, the video ad tech company, has launched Unruly Pulse, a new dashboard in beta, providing insight into the emotional trends of video advertising to help brands understand their position in relation to category and competitors.
Unruly Media launches new insight portal Unruly Pulse
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Source: unruly.com
Emotional advertising has been known to generate an emotional response on a variety of brand and business metrics, including brand favourability, purchase intent and earned media.
Unruly Pulse is based on the responses of 550,000 consumers which help marketers distinguish the emotions that drive engagement across demos, events, territories and product verticals. Advertisers can analyse individual ads and compare overall performance in a specific sector.
Sarah Wood, Co-CEO, Unruly, says:
sarah wood

“Consumer emotions drive product sales, as well as brand love, so it’s not surprising that smart marketers appreciate the important role that Emotional Intelligence has to play in delivering effective video ad campaigns. Marketers using Unruly Pulse will have their finger on the pulse of consumer emotions and they’ll be able to plan more effectively for video launches around zeitgeist events and seasonal trends. Harnessing the Emotional Intelligence of Unruly Pulse, they’ll be better placed to understand what works for their audience and why. They’ll be equipped to develop a video content strategy that will resonate with a specific audience at a specific moment in time.”

The most shared ad of all time – Google’s 2015 “Friends Furever” Android commercial – made consumers feel almost four times as happy as the average ad. It was over five times as likely to make people laugh as the average tech ad. Happiness is a common emotion felt by people watching video content, making it an important criteria for sharing ads worldwide.
It can also drive sales: Ahead of the Olympics in Rio, Brazilians were more likely to buy a product after viewing an online ad compared to consumers elsewhere.
However, psychological responses to ads vary by gender and age. UK male viewers between 25-34 years-old are more likely to feel pride, amazement and contempt when watching video ads, whilst male Boomers in the UK feel confusion, sadness and surprise. The ladies aged 25-34 are more likely to feel happy, proud or inspired, whilst Boomers are confused, feel warmth and surprise.
The reasons why we share certain ads but not others are directly connected to our emotions. South-East Asian, Brazilian and Turkish viewers will share content if they deem it relevant.
Unruly adds that emotional targeting can help increase brand favourability by 132%. Purchase intent also shoots up to 125%.
Karen Nelson-Field, Director of the Centre for Digital Video Intelligence, adds:
dr karen nelsen field

“In true Unruly style, Unruly Pulse is a fun, user-friendly dashboard that provides deep levels of insight for brands and agencies hoping to make the most out of their video advertising campaigns.”

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