Unofficial WhatsApp versions popular in African countries

Anne Freier | March 17, 2020

App Business

WhatsApp is among the most popular social media platforms across African countries, according to a report from analytics firm Caribou Data shared with Quartz.

The messaging app accounted for half of all Internet data in Zimbabwe in 2017, for example.

At the same time, modified versions of the app called WhatsApp Mods are also heavily used across these countries.

These modified version allow users to create multiple accounts for example or restore deleted messages and send larger files.

GB WhatsApp even notifies a user when another is online. It was the second-most used WhatsApp version (3.98%) after the original (27.5%).

However, the modified versions of the app lack end-to-end encryption features.

According to WhatsApp, unofficial versions violate the company’s policy and security practices. The company said that users should avoid these versions and not share their phone numbers with them.

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