Unmetric’s new Sense app helps marketers keep tabs on the competition

Andy Boxall | August 18, 2015

App Marketing

Brand-centric social media intelligence platform Unmetric has announced Sense, a new app that runs independently to its platform, ready to help marketers keep up to date with competitor activities.
Sense produces a single stream of live campaign details, including images, video, and content taken from hashtags shared on social network channels, to provide a clear picture of new and up-to-date brand signals.
Lux Narayan, Unmetric’s CEO, said:

“Customers and competitors are the two things every marketer constantly thinks about. While there are market research and applications like Survey Monkey for customer intel, there is nothing simple for competitive intelligence. We created Sense to fill this unmet need and to be the easiest way for any marketer – from digital strategists to CMOs – to stay abreast of competition anytime, anywhere.”

Sense is an app from Unmetric that helps marketers monitor and understand competitors marketing activities
sense app
The app accesses a database of over 35,000 brands in 25 different categories, and monitors Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. YouTube will be added in a future update. Key features include bookmarks, auto-captioning, and engagement metrics.
Sense is available now for existing Unmetric clients, and there are versions for iOS and Android, while a public version will be released in the future. Invitation codes to try the app can be requested here.

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