United Airlines app saves flight connections and is a hit with passengers

Anne Freier | September 12, 2019

App Business

The ConnectionSaver app, released by American airline United Airlines in June, is quickly turning out to be a success. The company said that the app had already helped 40,000 passengers save their connections.

The app scans flight databases for passengers who are scheduled for tight flight connections. It then determines if connecting flights could be held briefly without delaying the arrival time.

If that’s the case, the app alerts the crew at the connecting gate that passengers are close by and they should hold the connecting flight for a reasonable time.

The app can also be used to check information on flight connections and gates.

Ankit Gupta, VP of domestic network planning at United Airlines, said that the app had received lots of positive feedback from passengers.

He added that the average departure delay for connecting flights was just four minutes.

“If you can wait three minutes and save ten passengers’ [connections], you want to wait three minutes on the gate,” he said. “We saw such a great success that we have rolled it out across the board.”

This is good news for airlines too, which are often required to reschedule passengers who miss connections.

United Airlines plans to bolster the app’s technological features over the coming years.

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