Underestimate the Power of ASO at Your Risk

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Posted: August 25, 2016

Meenakshi Krishnan is a Content Consultant at OpenXcell, a pioneering Mobile App Development Company in India and USA. Technology inspires her and this has helped her to write contents on varied topics ranging from telecom, apps and healthcare communications and so on. She is currently working on global mobile app technologies reporting on diverse subjects. Prior to this, she was working for a technology marketing company based in Norwalk as content contributor.

Meenakshi Krishnan

Apps need to have that staying power. With far too many apps entering the market every day, mobile app developers and marketers are left with no choice but to simply identify with the potential of App Store Optimization or ASO. Success of apps cannot just go by blindly following stories or by entering a barter system. You need to understand that ASO is the new SEO for mobile apps!!! ASO is approachable. It is one approach that can take you closer to the users of any app store. So, do not ignore them as you can hit the danger zone of getting dropped from the list.

Eight Action Items for ASO

The Journey of an app does not start soon after it is created. It starts only when it is discovered in the App Stores by the users. So, developers and marketers need to work a little more to impress the audience. Go ahead and blindly follow these action items that will help you dip and sail easily in App Store Optimization. Your apps will be better discovered by default then.

ASO steps to follow

It just takes 2-3 seconds for a visitor to decide whether to use your app or not. Convincing and creating a lasting impression within these 2-3 seconds is going to be easy for you by just adopting the above mentioned tips. Lets us analyze each of the items or rather tips in detail now.

Right Name

Your app name should be totally explicit tallying completely with the idea and function of your app. Non-appropriate names can be dangerous. All you have to do is balance between keyword and branding; function and creativity.  Choose the one which can be well accepted both by the audience and by the store. A weak name can spell disaster and a strong one can help in creating that first impression.

Mobile app name picking

  • Short
  • Simple
  • Words or Phrase that perfectly describes your app
  • Be unique
  • Do not copy
  • No harm in being bold

Right Image

Visual attention and overall look lasts longer. The icon of your app can make a lot of difference. A striking image creates a lasting impression. So, you need to work on the personality of your app. After all it is the question of enticing and connecting with the audience within a stipulated time frame. Goofing up with this can cost you.

Mobile app icon design choosing

  • Design your app icon with the right details
  • Give a new look
  • Different Stores have different standards and guidelines; follow them
  • Your App Image should reflect its idea
  • Keep it unique

Right Keywords

Keywords are meant to target and engage your visitors. It should be used in your app title, app description. Keywords help in the discovery of your app and consequent downloads. This is one of the key components of search engine optimization and app store optimization.  Maximum number of characters that you can use is hundred. So, make most use of this. Use keywords to elaborate your app title. But, do not be over descriptive and do not stuff with words that are irrelevant.

Right Description

Description of your app is one of the key factors that affect the download of your app. Impress to sell. This action helps you to deliver best experience of your app and its benefits. Keep it more readable and understandable. Create an urgency to download via your description. First few lines can help in creating them. Go for it the right way.

Know Your Customer

Connecting with your customers and knowing them can help you get better. Internet of things is changing the way business can operate today. Real-time data is a big thing today. Understanding analytics is crucial for business of all sizes today. Using real-time data helps in gaining perishable insights which can help in making decisions, in understanding customers and their experience and to enhance your offerings based on the ratings and reviews.

Follow Feedbacks

Reviews and ratings validate your apps. Following feedbacks and getting familiarized with the reviews that will help you to evolve continuously. Acting upon the suggestions given by your customers and making changes can help in getting better acceptance. Feedbacks also help you to understand your customers.

Implement Changes

This is going to be a continuous process for you to retain your position. Polish your app whenever there is a demand. Changes can cause an alert. It can trigger its presence and create an urge among the audience to check those changes. This is not a one time job. Updates can have higher impact on reviews and ratings. It helps your app to re-start afresh.

Build Online Presence

Social Media is ruling the game of business today. It is proving to be the most effective way to promote your brand, stay in touch with your users, gather more attention from new audience and retain them. There are several ways to engage your audience on social media. Improving and engaging your followers strengthens your brand and identity. Social media takes businesses to whole different level today. Be there with your users.

Final Thoughts

Every business needs a push to get it successful. You need to deliver everything that you have each day. It is a continuous demand and to fulfill this, you need to have a killer attitude and a mindset like the athletes of Olympics have. Go for it completely and never give up till the end. It is a commitment that you give for what you are doing. With a well balanced approach and a planned strategy, you can enjoy every moment that you dedicate to your business. Cultivating a mindset accordingly is essential to see success. It does not come in one day instantly. It needs complete dedication. You need to visualize your success nonstop.

Before winning the Olympic medal, all the participating sportsperson must have visualized their win thousand number of times. By visualizing, you can pre-set your position accordingly. Visualize the success of your apps by following the above mentioned actions items of ASO.