Unacast partners with JUICE Mobile for integration of beacon data in mobile retargeting campaigns

Anne Freier | November 17, 2016

Mobile Advertising

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Beacon and proximity data network, Unacast, has partnered up with JUICE Mobile, the mobile advertising and tech firm. As part of the deal, JUICE Mobile will license Unacast’s beacon data for integration with its retargeting and attribution solutions.
Unacast partners with JUICE Mobile to license its beacon and proximity data
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Source: unacast.com
Unacast has a network of over 65 proximity solution providers which together aggregate detailed data on people’s consumer habits, store visits, locations they spend the most time in and more.
Chris Cunningham, CRO, Unacast, says:

“JUICE Mobile has built one of the most forward leaning DSPs when it comes to proximity data. We are excited to partner with a company that understands the value and importance beacon and proximity data will have on its client’s businesses.”

JUICE Mobile advertisers will get a chance to boost their campaigns through more personalised, timely and effective data. Paul Brousseau, President JUICE Mobile, explains that the company recently launched its first beacon biddable platform dubbed Swarm. He adds:

“Unacast is the only company providing beacon data at scale, and in partnering with them, we bring last mile of attribution technology into a real-time buying platform. Effective immediately, we can help brands reach their target consumers and measure true effectiveness for their campaigns.”

Those marketers who are already using beacons can retarget their customers on the Swarm platform tapping into more detailed data sets.

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