UMEWIN partners with Prodea to provide mobile ad solution for a good cause

Anne Freier | February 25, 2016

Mobile Advertising

IoT services platform, Prodea Systems, and mobile advertising and corporate social responsibility platform, UMEWIN, announced their strategic partnership at the MWC this week, to deploy a unique business model through Prodea’s multi-service IoT platform. The companies say they plan to empower more targeted and effective mobile ads, whilst offering users the chance to support important causes. The latter is being made possible through Prodea’s ability to integrate UMEWIN’s ad application into its multi-service IoT platform.
UMEWIN powers good causes
UMEWIN is a mobile ad and CSR platform that rewards customers for viewing targeted ads at determined time frames and gives back at the same time. Ads are matched to a user’s interest. 80% of revenue is donated to leading charitable causes. The model empowers advertisers to reach willing audiences, while allowing the end consumer to change the world an ad at a time.
In partnership with Prodea, service providers will find it easier to integrate UMEWIN into their operations and generate ad-funded CSR revenue through high value advertising, whilst creating a positive brand image and building brand loyalty.
Andrew Tauhert, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Prodea, says:.
andrew tauhert

“Mobile operators’ vast reach places them in a strong position in the mobile advertising value chain but the challenge is to target meaningful and relevant advertising that users want to receive as well as identifying a way to work into the operational model of these operators’ core business. The Prodea and UMEWIN strategic partnership solves these challenges by bringing the UMEWIN service as part of an end-to-end multi-service platform that creates a new socially responsible channel that operators can leverage to generate advertising revenue streams while building customer and brand loyalty. The compelling innovation, technology and business model, as well as being the first to market with this socially responsible platform positions operators as leaders in the quickly growing mobile advertising industry.”

UMEWIN and Prodea have presented their Smart Lab, a state of the art IoT suite, at the MWC this year, to showcase solutions for thought leadership and emerging technologies.
Pablo Franzetti, CEO, UMEWIN, adds:
pablo franzetti

“We are thrilled to partner with Prodea and introduce this new socially responsible advertising application to their global distribution network. Our mission at UMEWIN is to collectively change the mobile advertising world with our revolutionary platform and to empower users to support the causes that are dear to them. We now have the power to create real change and share advertising revenue with the world’s most relevant causes. The partnership with Prodea enables UMEWIN to have a global impact and shines a spotlight on the companies and operators who are implementing the UMEWIN application within their operations.  We believe this is the future of progressive mobile advertising and look forward to working with the forward-looking brands that truly care about making the world a better place.”

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