Umesh Palshikar, Chief Marketing Officer at Shubhashish Reliantekk Talks App Development

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Posted: July 5, 2016


Umesh Palshikar has over 10 years of managerial and consulting experience working across large IT-business areas. He is responsible for technology transformation, quality and overall Sales and project management. His team has a 100% delivery record and have brought all the name and fame that the mobile app development company Shubhashish Reliantekk IT Services Limited has in terms of having a powerful multi platform and multi skilled technology team. He is responsible for the best software development practices to be followed by the app development company.

Prior to taking the current role a few years back, Umesh worked with several IT Companies on a Top management role for the development of many critical and large scale projects in the field of Financial, Insurance, CRM, SaaS e-commerce, App development.

Umesh Palshikar


How long have you been involved in developing apps for?

We are one of the early adopters and best in mobile app development solutions, we at SRTITSL have observed the whole growth of mobile apps since establishment. We have set guideline in developing best quality mobile apps, we are now identified as one of the best company providing end to end services for mobile apps.
What type of apps do you work on? Our industries of expertise include multimedia, retail, healthcare, sports, edutainment, manufacturing and business automation, games, just to name the major.

What platforms, tools and languages do you work with?

iPhone, iPad, Mobile & Handhelds: Apple iOS development using Xcode, Cocoa, and Objective C,Swift, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Blackberry, J2ME platform CLDC1.1, MIDP1.0, MIDP2.0, Windows8 Phone, iPad, Android tablet, , PhoneGap, Xamarin’s .

Web Technology:

  • Laravel, Meteor, and others.

Cloud Computing:

  • Amazon-Web-Services, Windows Azure, Google-App-Engine


  •  Node.js, Angular.JS, Google Glass

What apps have you worked on that you are most proud of?

Project that the team took on and completed is a gratuity app called Tip-Pop™, a mobile app that provides a cashless alternative to tipping. It is an ultimate Gratuity Solution. The app allows customers to tip service providers (i.e. valet, concierge, pool or beach attendant, bellmen, housekeeping, carwash, salon, etc.) through the app.

For Service providers and businesses whose employees receive gratuities or who participate in a tipping pool, Tip-Pop™ solves the problem for customers who do not have the right amount of cash, or even worse, no cash to tip service providers. To “POP A TIP”, customers scan the service provider’s QR code, locate their service provider with GPS technology or enter their unique ID and then have the option to tip or pay both the bill and tip quickly and efficiently. With their years of e-commerce and mobile development experience, the SRTITSLteam was able to produce this app, which is now successfully employed by various hotels globally.

What are the big trends you see in app development right now?

Google & Apple have set the stage high. We are more excited to see if Google launches its Project ARA, if it does that could change the market altogether. Besides that iPhone 7 release can be a big event.

What’s the best thing about working in apps and with mobile devices?

  • NFC-Near field communication
  • M-commerce, Banking and Mobile Payments
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Smart Cities, Homes and Offices

What’s the one thing you would like to change about app development?

I can say app development market is growing but Startups have to first of all they should research about the idea and mature it. They need to check the competition if any to give them a fair idea. Looking for some Editor choice apps on Play store/iTunes, which will give them a better idea of how the app would look like.

After that they should find an appropriate service provider that offers end to end solution like Shubashish Reliantekk IT Services Limited . They should avoid DIY or readymade scripts and reach a full-cycle software development provider. We would be glad to share our practical experience and come up with a solution which can really stand out.

What mobile devices do you use?

iPhone 6

What are your favourite apps and games?

Twitter, App, Gmail, Whatsapp and Skype games Mobile Strick

What do you think of the Apple Watch?

I can say Expect more sensors in future and Huge medical market growth

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