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Posted: June 1, 2016

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There are numerous developers launching different beautiful and useful apps in app stores per day without marketing, so it is easy for apps to be unnoticed even they have been released for months or even years. Therefore, how to make your app stand out from your competitors’? In the below, we have listed several of the ultimate mobile app marketing guides to keep your users hooked and support your app before and after your app is released. Also, these guides are extremely useful to make your app a success. Now, go on reading to gain detailed tips.
Choose a right name
It is never easy to choose a name for a product. It is the same for apps. Don’t make your app name too long, because the longer your app name is, the more likely it will be rejected. Try to make your app name between 2-6 words and use no more than 30 characters. Also, the name of your app is also the brand of your app. Therefore, you need to make your app name related to your business, which is helpful for making people remember your app and business.
Mobile app marketing
Mobile App Marketing Guide
Create an elegant icon
Besides choosing a good name, creating an elegant icon is also one of the ultimate guides on mobile app marketing. The first thing catching people’s eyes when they see your app is its icon. If your app icon is not attractive, they don’t want to know more about it, let alone install and use it on their devices. Ensure make an elegant icon for your app to attract more users.
Make an attractive design
Your app needs an attractive design. If you are not a designer, hire a professional one, which is one of the best investments because the better design your app has, the more people it will attract, also the more you can earn from it. When design an app, ensure the design is coherent and different parts of your app have the same feel.
Enrich useful functions
No matter where you promote your app, you need to introduce its functions to let people know what this app does and what it can bring to users. Functions are the core of apps. If an app does not have useful functions, it will be abandoned by people who was attracted by its impressive name, elegant icon or amazing design. Ensure your app has all the functions your target users need and make it easier to use these functions, which is essential for app marketing.
Build a quality landing page
Build a quality landing page to show your ideas and make a comprehensive introduction of your app is one of the best guides on mobile app marketing, which is helpful to let people know every aspect of your app clearly. When building a landing page, guarantee you have clearly introduced your app with your target keywords included. Also, ensure this landing page is well-designed and SEO-friendly. Besides, you can leave your contact information on your landing page, so that people can contact you directly when they have query about your app.
Create social media accounts
Create social media accounts for your app and ensure all the accounts are active and widely-followed. As for social media, you can try Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus. Publish posts, launch lucky draws, hold quick competitions, release discount coupons on social media can help you attract more users and make your app a success.
Optimize user experience
The user experience of an app is the most important for its success. Your app should be easy to use from the first second people open it. Not all people will walk through you app like you, but most of them will close and uninstall it once they find it is not user-friendly. Once you have the first draft, spend a few dollars in asking UX experts for their professional advice. Also, you can invite some users to try your app and give their feedbacks. After getting advice from professional UX experts and normal users, optimize your app and make it easy for all users to use.
Collect feedbacks
Once you launch an app, the first thing is to try to reach your audience. The second thing is to collect feedbacks to learn your users’ voice. You can publish a post on your blog and social media platforms to collect feedbacks. When get complains from users, yo need to apologize first and then assure that your will fix issues instantly. In this way, you can leave a good impression on your users and keep them. Besides, when people know your positive attitude, they may try your app and recommend it to others.
Exchange ads
Exchange ads is one of the best and most cost-effective app marketing guides, which doesn’t cost you a penny. You can choose a free service that allows developers to do free tap exchange and trade clicks with other app developers. Also, you can earn credits to show others’ app on your own app.
Launch press release
Publishing press releases is the best way to get popular and reach out to all media portals. You can publish press release before you launch your app to introduce what your app is all about, how it can deal with issues, what people can benefit from it and how it is going to stand our at Google Play Store and App store. In addition, you can also launch press release when there is any news about your app to improve your brand exposure.
Publish sponsored reviews and guest posts
Publish sponsored reviews and guest posts is also useful for marketing mobile apps. Once your app came into the world, write some quality and comprehensive reviews on your app to introduce your app. Moreover, you can also publish some guest posts on famous sites to let more people know your app. Remember to publish reviews and posts on websites that are related to mobile apps.
Advertise your app in Google Play and app business related websites is another mobile app marketing guide. It is also one of the most direct way to market apps. However, this is also a paid marketing method. You need to choose advertise websites carefully and set app description clearly and skillfully to attract people to click your ad to learn more about your app.
Do App Store Optimization
After carrying out all the previous methods to market you app, you can also try app store optimization service to improve your app visibility in search and organic downloads. It is a prelonged process to market app via app store optimization. If you don’t have enough time, you can choose to work with a reliable app store optimization company. There are many companies dedicated to app store optimization, making it difficult to choose a good one. You can search one the web or go to this page to find the best one for you.
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