UK mobile and desktop video ad engagement increases in 2017

Video ads present a huge opportunity for engagement with two-fifths of video ad inventory now being viewed to completion. That’s according to the latest Media Quality Report from Integral Ad Science (IAS), the measurement and analytics company.
The report found that overall mobile video ad viewability increased from 31.6% in the first half of 2017 to 41.4% during the second half of the year. Overall, publisher direct buys resulted in higher viewability compared to programmatic buys for mobile video.
Brand safety was similar with programmatic presenting higher risk (16%) compared to publisher direct buys (10.6%).
Violence, illegal drugs and illegal downloads were considered the most significant risk categories.
In-app viewability dropped in H2 2017 with programmatic decreasing 26% and publisher direct dropping 30% in viewability.

Nick Morley, EMEA MD, Integral Ad Science, explained:

“The H2 2017 Media Quality Report highlights positive progress for the video ad industry, with improvements attributed to an increase in premium video inventory as advertisers aim to secure the best possible environments for their creative. Video provides a great opportunity for advertisers to capitalise on not only sight, but sound and motion to capture consumer attention, ultimately driving campaign value. While 2017 was considered a challenging year by most, it’s clear to see that progress has been made, and we’ll continue to drive change into 2018.”

Additionally, the report found that viewability increased 11% when viewed for one second, 12.4% when seen for 5 seconds, and 15.9% when viewed for 15 seconds.

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