UK mobile ad viewability rises to 63.4% in first half of 2018

Anne Freier | September 26, 2018

Mobile Advertising

Ad viewability continues to improve in the UK with overall viewability now at 63.4% during the first half of 2018. That means over half of ads are now viewable for the minimum duration as stipulated by the Media Ratings Council, according to the latest report from Integral Ad Science.

Viewability increased 19% from 53.3% from the second half of 2017. Furthermore, ads in view for 5 seconds also increased from 36.9% to 46% for the first half of 2018.

The report also noted that viewability increased for mobile web video (69%) as well as desktop video (64.5%). Viewability for mobile web display jumped to 57.5% and that for mobile in-app ads to 48.2%.

“Understanding the media quality variations across platforms is essential to help advertisers engage their audiences,” explained Nick Morley, MD EMEA at Integral Ad Science. “The H1 2018 Media Quality Report highlights significant and positive progress for the digital advertising industry, with a higher proportion of digital ads not only meeting but exceeding viewability standards.”

“Thanks to the renewed focus on brand safety, our latest report reflects the proactive measures taken, with a decline in brand risk in the UK. Looking ahead, we need to be mindful not to focus in on one sole area of media quality, at the detriment of others. We must take a holistic view of media quality and the performance it drives,” he added.

Furthermore, the report suggests that brand image has become a more critical determinant of ad quality with display ads flagged as detrimental to brand image dropping from 5.8% to 4.5% during the second half of 2018.

Mobile web brand risk was still slightly higher than mobile web display.

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