UK mobile ad spend jumps 52.1% during first half of 2015

The latest report from Advertising Association/Warc on UK ad spending shows that total figures are at a record high for the first half of 2015 at £9,4bn. The strong growth of 5.8% was due to a rise in digital channel advertising. Mobile ad spending rose 52.1% to £1.1bn. It accounted for 79% of overall internet growth during the period, and is forecast to grow 47.2% this year.
UK ad spend forecasts
uk ad spend
Overall internet spending rose 13.3% to £3.97bn.
Separate research from Warc’s Global Adspend Database shows that the UK leads mobile advertising in Europe and ranks third worldwide, behind the US and China.
Tim Lefroy, Chief Executive, Advertising Association, says:
tim lefroy

“Advertising’s resilience points to the strength of the broader economy in the first half. The UK leads the world in eCommerce and the trend to mobile means serving the public better – ads in the right place at the right time.”

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