UK consumers feel ad fatigue due to over-targeting

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 10, 2019

Over-targeting of ads could pose a serious risk to developing ad fatigue with over half of UK consumers beginning to feel apathetic towards ads, according to new research by Kantar.

Based on the answers of over 5,000 consumers across five markets, the study revealed that 56% of UK consumers were against over-targeting whilst 55% were apathetic towards ad content in 2019 – up from 53% in 2018.

Part of the problem is that the majority of UK consumers (73%) tend to see the same ads over and over again. However, just 11% said they actually enjoyed ads.

For brands and marketers to rebuild trust, they will have to adjust to a more finely balanced and well-tuned ad approach that doesn’t overshare.

At the same time, the number of UK consumers using ad block technologies remained at 22% in the UK. However, consumers have found other ways to circumvent ads and engage with content on their own terms including ad-free subscription services.

Pay-TV is a popular option for 44% of UK consumers whilst 17% subscribe to audio services.

The majority of respondents (52%) said that content was their main reason for choosing to subscribe to a service. Another 36% cited avoidance of targeted ads for their subscription choice – up from 31% in 2018.

Ultimately, the industry will have to focus on content that more clearly impacts customers.