Tyroo launches new CPI global mediation platform for publishers and developers

Tyroo, the mobile advertising tech company, recently unveiled its new One API, a mobile CPI mediation platform for app developers and publishers which aggregates and prioritises offers from across hundreds of advertising and partner networks. The solution lets publishers integrate a single API into their app to receive offers from all ad networks, advertisers and partners whilst also being able to serve house ads.
Tyroo launches One API
Source: tyroo.com
Siddhartha Puri, CEO, Tyroo Technologies, says:
siddharta puri

“One API is a game-changing product for app developers and publishers looking to monetize through CPI offers. The ability to discover offers from leading global networks through a single and easy to integrate API, with single window billing, is a huge level up on the competing platforms, whereas Inbuilt fraud prevention and eCPC prioritization make One API simply the best mediation platform for developers and publishers around the world.”

The new platform also features a single billing system that generates invoices for all campaigns, maintaining timely payouts. It offers monetisation tools for mobile publishers, including A/B testing, optimisation and offer wall capability. Tyroo also added a fraud protection and brokering elimination mechanism to its features. In addition, it comes with auto deduplication and an ability to remove offers with dead links.
Tyroo charges a 7% technology fee for running house ads and 15% based on earnings for the rest of the campaigns.
One API builds on HasOffers by TUNE and pulls real-time data into the API platform to let publishers see aggregate marketer campaigns in singular view. Cameron Stewart, General Manager, TUNE, adds:
cameron stewart

“We have a long-standing relationship with Tyroo and SVG group. Through working with them over the last several years, we have seen Tyroo grow and become a leader in the mobile ad tech industry. We are proud to be the technology platform chosen for one of the most successful mobile ad tech platforms in the APAC region. With the One API platform, both supply and demand partners can automatically monetize their inventory through a smart and transparent approach. We are looking forward to contributing to the success of One API globally and are confident that our platform will enable Tyroo to properly scale their program.”

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