Two thirds of app downloads are still the result of organic search – Find out how to optimise your app store display

Roughly two thirds of app downloads are coming from organic searches on app stores and online, according to new data provided by Adjust and App Annie.
Thus, it is important that app developers and marketers optimize their app store displays to ensure their apps are reaching consumers organically.
The Complete Guide to Mobile App Marketing: App Store Optimisation whitepaper by Adjust and App Annie, provides tips and App Store Optimisation (ASO) strategies to boost app visbility across app stores. It covers topics such as what marketers can improve on to make their apps more discoverable.
The app market is already highly crowded and competitive with 2 million apps on the iOS App Store and 2.5 million on Google’s Play Store. That means developers will have to ensure that their apps stand out and can be found among the crowd.
Adjust writes:

As an app marketer, your job is to cut through that clutter and get in front of the right audiences. Increasing exposure for your app helps increase downloads, boost store rankings and ultimately drive revenue for your business. ASO is crucial to your app’s long-term exposure, and particularly with the advent of iOS 11 and changes in the App Store design, you need a strategy that will capture attention both through search and iOS 11’s new emphasis on curation.

For a closer look at app store optimization, you can now download the whitepaper for free – The Complete Guide to Mobile App Marketing: App Store Optimisation.

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