Twitter’s new Ads Editor tool makes managing large-scale ad campaigns easier

Twitter has launched the Ads Editor, a new feature to help advertisers better manage large scale ad campaigns on the social network. It does so by allowing multiple ad campaigns to be modified at once, using a spreadsheet that can be edited in Excel, and uploaded to the site.
Using Ads Editor, marketers can alter targeting criteria, start and end dates, and even budgets. Once the alterations have been made in Excel, and the file uploaded to your Twitter ads account, the changes can be applied instantly.
Twitter Ads Editor is designed to make managing large ad campaigns easier, and faster

Twitter has been testing out the Ads Editor as a beta product with a select few partners over the past few months, and in an official blog post on the launch, it’s described as “time effective,” and notable for gaining “huge time efficiencies” when managing campaigns totalling in excess of 100.
The Ads Editor will be pushed out to all advertisers over the coming weeks. Look out for a notification on when it’s available.

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