Twitter’s MoPub adds impression-level revenue data to SDK

MoPub, the Twitter-owned app monetisation platform, has added impression-level revenue data to its platform for publishers.

Publishers are free to process the data themselves or send it off to partners including Adjust, AppsFlyer, Branch, Kochava, Singular, SOOMLA, and Tenjin for further analysis.

The data is now available as part of MoPub’s SDK, allowing publishers to make use of the granular impression-level data and turn it into actionable insights. In-app purchase revenue data can also be used to gain a more comprehensive picture over total revenue needs.

“Attribution data is the source of crucial decisions, and having a clear understanding of the precision of the data is as important as having precise data itself. A false sense of data accuracy could lead to bad business decisions and suboptimal results. MoPub’s impression-level revenue data product enables marketers to have visibility into data precision with the goal of acquiring users more intelligently and profitably,” said Elad Mashiach, VP Partner Development, at AppsFlyer.

Publishers can also use the data to pass it to attribution partners of their choice, determine specific campaign results for positive ROI and determine where they should increase spending.

Additionally, publishers using IAP and ads will be able to use impression-level data to improve their user experience by identifying users valued to advertisers.

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